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The Andes Institute conducts seminars using the socratic method on subjects in the arts, sciences and humanities to foster a consilience or oneness in the quest for knowledge

The Andes Institue, through it’s Making Sense of Science Seminars, promotes science literacy.  We strive to make complex scientific subjects understanable by the general public.  We explore such topics as the gene editing tool CRISPR, general relativity theory, climate change, how the human immune system works, astrophysics, medicine, health and nutriton and much more.  Our vision is a world of 100% science literacy.



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  1. Don, we have enjoyed all of your seminars thus far and eventhough a lot of what you say is above my head, it gets me to thinking. We look forward to the Making Sense of Science Seminars each week and the wine helps me think I am understanding.

  2. Hi Don, thank you very much for your clear presentation and your integrity. This was my 1st attendance at the Heart Math event.
    At my age of 75, my focus is primarily on spiritual matters and health on all levels. Even though the presentation was well done,
    I was hoping to gain possible insights furthering my spiritual evolving, which I did not find. After decades of exploring science,
    I found it continuously changing and correcting previous understandings. So much of science is controlled by the powers dominating our life, esp. in the US, that I question much of the so called “truths”. The latest findings in Quantum physics are truly
    stimulating, yet often I seek to apply this in my daily life. My focus is now more on “knowing myself” than tintilating my intellect.
    So that’s why I was interested in the findings of Heart Math.
    Thank you so much, I certainly can recommend your seminars to scientifically oriented persons, but I am not sure if I
    will be present in the future. Blessings, Renate

    • Thank you, Renate for your kind words. I appreciate your spiritual quest very much. I believe that our entire life is a spiritual journey. I have found science and spirituality to be two sides of the same coin. The wonders that science reveals, from the depths of the universe to the inner workings of the atom are all a miracle to me and inspire a deep reference and sense of wonder at life. You might find some of the writings on my blog of some value in your spiritual quest. If there are future topices that interest you in making sense of science seminars I hope that you will join us.

  3. Hello Don, please have a look at this most brillant doctor in medecine who has specialized in 3 areas pf medecine..She speaks 6 languages.

    .She passed away some days ago and left humanity her discoveries via her books and international conferences . Here is one of several videos where she touches the subjects of mind control, vaccines, old technologies that are presented as new to us, etc, Hope this might trigger your scientific mind …

    All the best,

  4. Hello Mr. Murphy, I’ve been away for a bit, but glad to see that you are still writing, studying and sharing. I will keep my eyes open for your next message and the next time we are able to talk.

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