The Next Great Conjecture

A conjecture always begins with a “what if”.  In this series we begin with the conjecture, what if our universe is a hologram and information for the hologram(our universe) is contained on the surface of an object that encloses our universe(the hologram).

Here is a non technical explanation of how a hologram is created:A normal hologram that we are all familiar with is created when light from a powerful laser(light with a specific wave length) is passed through a splitter, such as a prism and the resulting identical beams of split laser light are shown on to an object  giving the objective a three dimensional appearance.  The information needed to create the hologram in this case is contained on the surface of the object.

Creating a hologram is analogous to recording music onto a CD.  The digital data that is recorded and stored bears no resemblance at all to the original sound.  It is only when the CD is played back that we hear the original sound.

In the same way, the data recorded on the holographic recording medium (analogous to a CD disk) bears no resemblance to the original object that was recorded.  It is only when a laser is shined onto the recording medium that the hologram is manifested.  I should warn you, however, that some of the holograms we see everyday are only illusion.  They are not true holograms.  We will discuss this more later.

What you should take away from this explanation is that information is being recorded, stored and later manifested.  So the “what if” conjecture that we began with is really all about information.  I don’t usually like dictionary definitions, they are often misleading.  But here is what I think is an excellent definition of information for our purposes taken from the Wiki-dictionary: Information, in its most restricted technical sense, is a sequence of symbols that can be interpreted as a message. Information can be recorded as signs, or transmitted as signals. Information is any kind of event that affects the state of a dynamic system. Conceptually, information is the message (utterance or expression) being conveyed. The meaning of this concept varies in different contexts. Moreover, the concept of information is closely related to notions of constraint, communication, control, data, form, instruction, knowledge, meaning, understanding, mental stimuli, pattern, perception, representation, and entropy.

This broad definition of information, I believe, represents what is most common to all of our experiences in one context or another.  If for example we focus for a moment just on data, instruction, knowledge, meaning and understanding, we begin to gain insight into why information is critical to both our physical growth and spiritual development.  People of faith often appeal to spiritual communication through prayer and meditation.  I have certainly done so in this now over a year long series of weekly essays.  However, I have also emphasized that science based knowledge gained through the scientific method also comes from the mind of God.

Whether a scientists admits it or understands or knows it or not, all information comes ultimately from God.  It is evidence of the faithfulness of God that anyone who seeks will find.  Anyone who asks, it shall be given to them.  Anyone who knocks will receive an answer.  Yes, even an atheist scientist.  Why?  Because believe it or not, God doesn’t discriminate; and the many manifestations of God do not depend on whether a scientists believes in God or not.  God freely gives to all so that they may become one with him and experience true joy and peace and life everlasting.  God, by giving us free will gives us the ultimate ability to choose.  It is only through unrestrained choice that ONENESS is obtained.  I apologize for the digression.  But it has provided context for continuing to explore our conjecture.

So, what if our universe is a hologram and the information to create the hologram is contained on a surface enclosing our universe?  Next week we will explore this in more depth now that we have a fundamental understanding of what a hologram is.  What if the image of God is a hologram(our universe)?  The great mystery, what scientist have no clue of, is the nature of information contained on this surface; why it is what it is; how it is recorded and transmitted and ultimately manifests itself as sentient beings capable of questioning their own existence.

It is absolutely essential, in my view, that people of faith must rise above mere ritual and tradition of the churches in which they were raised and baptized and knock at the door of knowledge; seek wisdom and understanding; and ask the deeper questions.  This in order to truly see the glory of God.  Amen


Dr. D.



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