God and the Universe

With God, It’s Personal

Many devout Christians, Jews and many other faiths believe in a personal God. A God that comforts them when they are down, imparting wisdom as they seek understanding and knowledge; a God who will ultimately welcome them into the kingdom of heaven.

The context in which we come to believe God is a personal God is in the way the Bible conveys the message of God and in the way it represents the nature of God. It is mostly through analogies and metaphors that the writers of the Bible conveyed the nature of God: a wheel in the middle of a wheel; an eagle that enfolds those he loves within His wings; the ancient of days; an all consuming fire; a judge sitting upon a thrown; a God with the human emotions of wrath, anger and vengeance. A person of average intelligence surely realizes that these representations of God come nowhere near capturing the true nature of God. The attributes after all, were written by imperfect men doing the best they could to convey nearly incomprehensible principles to other imperfect human beings. Interestingly, in this age, with all that science has discovered, the writers of the Bible might have represented God as the engineer of galaxies, or the the hand that curves space, or the generator of dark energy. Even these characterizations would not capture the true nature of God.

However, as we live our lives and become reunited with God through repentance and renewal of our spirit through the power of God’s Holy Spirit, more and more of the true nature of God will be revealed to us; even to the point of our ability to take on more and more of God’s image. You may find this difficult to believe as there does not seem to be much evidence in the world of people who reflect the image of God. But this is not true. They may be few in number compared to the five or six billion souls on the earth, however they are spiritual glue holding things together. You won’t find them leading mega churches, rather they will be that meek and tireless member of the mega church or tiny storefront who is the peacemaker and sharer of spiritual gifts. It is the person always there to lift the spirit of others with words of encouragement; bringing together rather than tearing apart; secretly giving and sacrificing; guided by the spirit of God.

There are even some among scientists, theologians and philosophers. They are the ones that are knocking at the door of knowledge; they ask questions of the universe and patiently await the answer. They are rigorous and disciplined in their approach to discovery. And when their efforts yield new truths, they are quick to give God the glory. They realize that they are the discoverer not the creator or revealer.

Yet, it would be a pretty lonesome and incomplete existence if during this life we could not at least imagine a God with whom we can commune. A God that we can question and feel within the depths of our souls that we somehow know and that knows us. The truth is, if we were not so busy trying to define God in terms of our limitations, but rather seeking the nature of God not only outside of ourselves, but deep within, we would have the intimate relationship for which we all long.

All we must do to have a real personal relationship with God is to ask him to reveal Himself to us and within us. He has promised to give to us what we ask. He wants nothing more than for us to know Him as he knows us.

As God reveals Himself to you, don’t put up barriers by saying, that can’t be God, he doesn’t look anything like the picture I saw on TV or in the Sunday School book. Or than can’t be God, he can’t possibly mean for me to love my enemies; or that can’t be God, I don’t feel the emotion of the spirit; that can’t be God if he is infinite and encompasses all that was, is and will ever be. How can I possibly know a God who is so far above who and what I am?

The commentaries and books and lesson plans to answer these questions are legion. Most of them tell the seeker that their lives must be commensurate with the word of God as found in the Bible. But again, this places limitations on God’s ability to reveal His nature to us as individuals. The Bible is meant to be a guide. But Jesus made it clear that it is the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, the Comforter who reveals the deeper things of God once we repent of our old nature and renew our spirits by reuniting with God. At that point it becomes a very personal relationship. Jesus also made it clear that the kingdom of heaven is within you. It means that we are personally and directly connected to all of God’s creation: to all of eternity, to the vastness of the universe and to one another as the body of Christ (the real Church).

God has placed within each of us His image and His nature. It doesn’t get more personal than that. And for that:

To God Be The Glory – FORVER

Dr. D

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