God and the Universe

Freely You Have Received, Freely Give

One sure way to tell a spiritual/religious charlatan is if they charge you for spiritual guidance.  Many spiritual leaders, especially Christian ones will quote scripture about not muzzling an ox as it plows the fields, meaning a worker is deserving of his wages.  No one disputes such obvious truisms.  However, spiritual guidance that would lead to reuniting a disaffected child of God with the infinite whole is priceless.  The wages associated with such real spiritual work are beyond material comprehension.  I’m not speaking of the base interpretation by many of rewards in heaven for good works or patient suffering.  Yes, you are correct in perhaps thinking that Jesus proclaimed that great would ones reward be in heaven for persevering through unjust treatment, being a peacemaker, loving your enemies, or seeking the kingdom of heaven.  However, you would be wrong if you believe that heavenly rewards have some earthly counterpart.

There is no greater corruption than to place earthly and in particular monetary value on spiritual things.  It is bad enough that we have corrupted the concept of value by using money to create false wealth.  How much more of an abomination would it be to buy and sell things of the spirit as if they were commodities.  Unfortunately, the Catholic church long ago introduced this ugly practice by selling what were called indulgences where basically you could buy your way into heaven by erasing bad deeds by paying a representative of the church.  Fortunately, such foolishness has ended.  Unfortunately, other foolishness has taken its place.

I don’t mean to pick on Christians, all sects with their shamans, gurus, mediums and spiritual guides have come along to take advantage of those seeking the mind of God.  What is worse, these charlatans also prey on the mentally ill with promises of spiritual healing.  Most use the absolute truth—well at least part of it—to attract the gullible.  When I say gullible I mean people whose seeking of spiritual truth is rooted in extreme egoism.  Oneness with God means to give up the notion of a self separate from God.  You can’t be God, but you can be one with God.  Those that would make you pay to become one with God know nothing of the infinite whole.  They will lead you to believe that you can be a God.  They use the exact same teachings of Jesus with the subtle lie that you can be God.  They promise rewards in heaven while knowing nothing of the kingdom of heaven.

So I’m writing today to save you some money.  In the next few paragraphs, for free, I will outline the very easy steps to spiritual enlightenment and oneness with God.

  • Desire with all of your heart, mind and spirit to reunite your spirit to God’s Spirit.
  • Repent or be truly sorry for your willful separation from God.
  • Wake from your sleep.  In other words, through meditation and prayer free your mind from control by thoughts and external distractions so that you can hear the voice of God through His Spirit’s (The Holy Spirit) connection to your spirit.
  • As a result of the above you will stop trying to be something or someone and allow yourself to become ONE with the Infinite Whole.
  • Instead of your mind being controlled through external distractions and aberrant thoughts(those wild and outlandish thoughts that lead to hatred, anger and resentment), you will have the mind of Christ.
  • Stop running away from guilt.  Guilt is not bad, no more than pain when you stub your toe or cut yourself is bad(its only bad if you ignore it).  Guilt is spiritual pain warning you that something is wrong.  Find out the cause through mediation and prayer(again be awake, objective and self aware).  Within the cause will be the cure.  It’s like magic.  Try it.
  • Evidence you are on the right spiritual path: freedom from anger and resentment; peace, wisdom and understanding will follow you; you will love your enemies.
  • DO NOT pay anyone for spiritual guidance or advice.  If they ask you for money, RUN!

Freely you have received.  Freely give.
To God Be The Glory Forever and Ever

Dr. D

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