God and the Universe

Un-Naturalness or A Miracle?

I began last week’s blog with how I often feel that we are living a miracle.  The word miracle is usually associated with an event that can’t be explained.  So overwhelmed am I at times I acutally believe that while I know I am alive, I should not be. It’s all a miracle.  Miracles just aren’t natural everyday occurences.  Or are they?

Theoretical and particle physicists, believe it or not, are faced with this very same “miracle”.  It is accurately called the “naturalness” problem.  In a former blog, The Constant Beauty of God, I explained that there are delicately balanced universal constants, like the speed of light or the value of the electron’s charge, which if they were slightly different we and the universe would not exist.  One of these constants, is the so-called cosmological constant.  Its valuse is so small as to be “un-natural.”   The other significantly “un-natural” thing about our universe is the huge difference between the strength of gravity and the other forces of nature like the electromagnetic force or the strong and weak nuclear forces.  Gravity is exponentially weaker than those forces.  It is not what you would expect; it is very “un-natural.”  Another way of saying that something is un-natural is to say that it is so unexpected as to demand an explanation.  Miracles are the same way.  So to say that the standard model of particle physics(the set of equations we use to predict the behavior of all the known elementary particles and all the known forces) is un-natural can be taken to mean these equations describe what appears to be a miracle.

Now, of course, science does not deal in miracles.  To the contrary science seeks to find explanations for things that appear to be un-natural.   Somehow, though, my own spiritual questioning has led me to the same conclusion that particle and theoretical physicists have reached.  That there is something immensely and profoundly disturbing about the mere fact that we exist at all.  I do not mean this in a negative sense.  In fact, the great irony in this realization is that it causes an overwhelming reverence and awe.

I am going to do something I don’t usually do and I hope you will accept this challenge.  I am going to provide the link to a blog, as part of my own blog, so that you can read what Professor Matt Strassler has to say on this subject.  Why?  Because it will open your mind to how the glory of God is revealed as science seeks to understand the nature of our existence.  Let me hasten to remind you that I am not saying God is the universe, or that God is science, or anything remotely approaching such a thing.  But I am saying that everywhere that you look, the glory of God, a transcendent God, is revealed.

I am certain that not all of my friends in science would agree with my point of view.  However, many would agree that the un-naturalness that is revealed as we look deeper and deeper into the nature of reality is evidence for just how deeply wondrous life is and how we all should have a sacred reverence for what can only be described as living a miracle; and for that,

To God Be The Glory Forever and Ever

Dr. D

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  1. Thank you Dr D for saying so beautifully what I always write in Dr Matt Strassler,s blog (of particular significance ) and always face such biased , prejudiced , arrogant attitude from them all , you can read my comments and please do , I would appreciate very much a continuous dialog with you …….thanks
    Aa. Shami with respect

    • This poem by Herbert Carruth sums it up pretty well:
      Each in His Own Tongue

      by William Herbert Carruth
      A fire mist and a planet,
      A crystal and a cell,
      A jellyfish and a saurian,
      And caves where the cave men dwell;
      Then a sense of law and beauty,
      And a face turned from the clod —
      Some call it Evolution,
      And others call it God.
      A haze on the far horizon,
      The infinite, tender sky,
      The ripe, rich tint of the cornfields,
      And the wild geese sailing high;
      And all over upland and lowland
      The charm of the goldenrod —
      Some of us call it Autumn,
      And others call it God.

      Like tides on a crescent sea beach,
      When the moon is new and thin,
      Into our hearts high yearnings
      Come welling and surging in;
      Come from the mystic ocean,
      Whose rim no foot has trod —
      Some of us call it Longing,
      And others call it God.

      A picket frozen on duty,
      A mother starved for her brood,
      Socrates drinking the hemlock,
      And Jesus on the rood;
      And millions who, humble and nameless,
      The straight, hard pathway plod —
      Some call it Consecration,
      And others call it God.

  2. If you read my comments on Dr Matt., blog you will find that every comment specifies one particular point , and that all points converge into one final conclusion , exactly the one you reached , NOT UN-NATURALNESS BUT MIRACLES. Period.

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