God and the Universe

Judge Not, Unless. . .

Judgment is one of the most natural of the human emotions and the most damaging.  It allows an individual to be judge, jury and executioner-whether in practice or in state of mind.  What is worse the judge is most often the victim of his or her own judgement.  It is as if the human mind has a mirror that it holds in front of itself the minute we pass judgement.  For the more sensitive and honest among humanity the reflection gives one an opportunity to pause and consider their own state of being.  For the more prideful it is an opportunity to deny the existence of the mirror and obtain relative feelings of superiority.

It is telling that the latter condition of humanity is most prevalent among religious groups whether they be so-called Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Buddhist.  Why?  Because these religions erect a doctrine of standards to which their followers must adhere-or the followers make up their own standards.  Unable to adhere to the standards the followers use one another’s human failings to “feel good” rather than obtaining goodness through ONENESS with God.  That is the insidious nature of judgment.

Judgement is the more sinister and insidiously damaging twin of discernment.  The ability to distinguish the differences among things is an essential survival attribute.  Discernment, however, calls for a calm and dispassionate objectivity.  Discernment is often called “good judgement”.   Where judgement implies condemnation, discernment yields a detached measured response that avoids condemnation.

Judgment perverts discernment.  Where we discern differences in human appearance, customs and culture, judgment steps in and creates conflict out of this discernment often manifested in various prejudices and racism at best, and wars of genocide at worst.

Humanity has long ago cracked the mirror that reflects our judgement and would have us realize that it is not some judge sitting on a heavenly throne that will condemn  us, rather it is our judgement of ourselves that will condemn us.  The great irony of judgement is that in the end, it will be our own self image that will determine our fate.  And judgement is not a reflection of how we feel about others, rather it is a reflection about how we feel about ourselves.  If you judge and condemn a person as a liar, it is because you are a liar.  If you judge and condemn another country as rogue, it is because your own country is rogue.  If humanity judges a murderer as worthy of death, it is because humanity is murderous, bloody, cruel and full of blame.

Christians speak of the “Great White Throne Judgement”.  Others speak of Karma and the reincarnation cycle as if there is exists some fixed law outside of the individual exacting justice and retribution.  Don’t be deceived the creator was careful to program such judgement within you.  Some, especially Christians, have wondered how is a record kept of all that we do?  How can everything be written a a book of life?  Well, the answer is simple.  Your life is that book.  You won’t be able to escape your self-judgement.  How beautiful and ironic is that.

To God Be The Glory, Forever and Ever,


Dr. D


Judgement can be both positive judgement or negative judgement.  If you judge evil to be good and good to be evil, you must own that as well.

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