Oneness With God

We Are One

One of the greatest pieces of scientific information to come out in a long time that could save humanity is roundly ignored by everyday people.  It would prevent wars, settle all disputes, reunite families and eliminate the need for religion, hate groups, this group, that group and the other group.  This bit of scientific information unites the body of humanity by making it clear that we are all genetically descended from common ancestry.  There is no such thing as race, no such thing as tribe or cast, ethnic group, country, city or town.  They are all illusions that give us a false sense of belonging yet in the greatest irony of all in the end divide us against ourselves.  And you know what they say about a house divided against itself.

The genetic record is incontrovertible as is the spiritual writings of the very few men and women inspired by the WORD who have recorded that we are all made in the image of God.  Yet silly talking heads as recently as last week declared that Jesus is a white person and the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches still remain divided.  In fairness to Megyn Kelly who made the Jesus is white statement, her comment was precipitated by an equally misguided individual who was sad as a child because Santa Claus was white and not black.

Science seeks to unify us all by declaring that there is no God and that life self-organized3 through principles whose origins are physical laws that have evolved over time or that are timeless and immutable.  There is however, no explanation by science as to why the laws are what they are or of their origin.  In fact science avoids “why” questions like the plague and contents itself with “how” questions, that is describing the principles and mechanism behind the workings of the processes we observe in the universe.  We are content to exploit the understanding given to us by science because it gives us the illusion that we can control our own destiny while recognizing at the same time that science leaves humanity devoid of spirit, purpose and meaning.

Religious adherents create their own illusions as well with myths of an afterlife where they will be reunited with their loved ones, still married to their spouses, walking on streets paved with gold, eternally blissful or having eternal sex parties with as many virgins as their mind can imagine.  It is as if these deluded folks are waiting to win some sort of lottery.  What’s  worse is they are all looking to escape from the consequences of refusing to unite their spirit with the spirit of God.  I will say more about this unification later.  This desire to escape is tragic.  This is because the other objective truth revealed by science is that all things are connected.  In deep scientific language it is called “relatedness”1.

Everything that exists exists in relation to everything else.  Fundamental particles that make up atoms that make up molecules that make up chemistry that make up biochemistry that make up life do so as a result of “relatedness”.  Space and time are so dependent upon each other for existence that they are no longer considered separate resulting in spacetime as the fourth dimension.  The ultimate relatedness is humanity’s connection to the infinite whole, or God, without which there is no life.  So not only do we share a common humanity with one another, we share a common bond of life with all of existence.  Relatedness, genetics, oneness with God are all proof that we not only share a common humanity, but that we also are indivisible parts of the infinite whole.

Like Jeremiah in the book of Lamentations, I cry daily for what theologians and just plain religious nuts have done to confuse and confound the human spirit.  They are the false prophets of our age.  In almost every post I have emphasized the need for oneness with God.  But so do these misguided theologians and religious nuts.  They and I differ markedly on what it means to be separated from God and what it means to be one with God.  They define God by a set of laws, do’s and don’t’s, as well as doctrine and theological mumbo jumbo.  What they really mean when they say sin is separation from God is that when you don’t follow a prescribed set of rules they believe are spiritually decreed, then you are separated from God.  Or the more crafty and insidious argument is that God is a “personal God”, which allows one to define God in terms of their own self image(not the image of God) and separation is the result of not having a “personal” relationship with God.  The confusion comes about because true ONENESS with God may indeed lead to the manifestation of certain kinds of rules for life, like loving your neighbor and not committing adultery.   And separation from God may indeed be manifested at times by certain kinds of behavior that is just plain wrong.   However, if you have been reading carefully, separation from God has to do with the principle desires of your heart.  What is it that you love most?  What is that you are seeking?  At what door are you knocking?  What is your soul longing for?  If God is not the answer to any of these questions, then you are living apart from God.  Why is this so important?  A brief and simple analogy may help.

There is a deep meaning to “relatedness”, genetics and Oneness with God.   The meaning should be obvious.  It is the meaning of connectedness.  What does it mean to be connected ultimately?  It means that you are like a living, breathing communication device with the ability to tune in directly to the frequency that allows you to receive and transfer information.  When you set your dial or frequency through the desire of your heart with a longing for God, you are seeking to connect with the infinite whole, that is with God.  Seeking first the kingdom of God will indeed result in all things being added to you.  HOWEVER, not in the sense that so many preachers preach and theologians expound upon.  Knowledge, wisdom and understanding are the “all things” that will be added unto you.  Not riches, not fame, not the heavyweight championship of the world or the girl or man of your dreams.  Once you have knowledge, wisdom and understanding directly from the Mind of God(The SPIRIT OF GOD), then you will live your life based on that knowledge, wisdom and understanding.  If you are not tuned in or connected you will live a life full of static, which will manifest itself as all sorts of dysfunctions, addictions, violence, confusion and illness.

Setting your spiritual dial so that you are connected to God will result in a life unimaginable.  Things will be revealed to you that you will be unable to communicate to others.  You will begin to see with spiritual eyes and hear with spiritual ears.  You will not seek an afterlife or a kingdom to come because the life and kingdom will be within you.  If you find this connection you will be willing to give up your life in order to gain life; die that you may live and in the end when your physical body is no longer fit to exist, like a butterfly you will enter the chrysalis of transcendence and what you will become will be that which you have sown.  And for that,

To God be the Glory Forever and Ever,


Dr. D

1. Time Reborn, Lee Smolin 2013

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  1. Very much like it, and was talking with a co-worker today about this subject, my term is being in the presences of God. I explained my understanding is that we are always in the Lords presence but it, rather we must be in the right space to become aware of it and often when we do the overwhelming feeling of oneness and love from and for God can seem too large to process. I am paraphrasing our discussion. I hope all is well and thank you for teaching me the things that matter MOST in a man’s life.

  2. Hi, Don,
    In your blog you mentioned that a house divided against itself cannot stand. I heard it a different way from somebody who quoted, “A horse divided against itself cannot stand.” That sort of makes sense to me.
    In support of your observation that all people are related is a little-known fact. That fact is that all women share a common gene regardless of where they are from or what “race” they are. There is a way of testing for that gene and every woman that has been tested for that gene has tested positive. That fact supports the theory that there existed the great grandmother (to the tenth power) of all women existing today. That fact also suggests that all men are related.
    This common gene came about from the same mathematical truism that confirms that if there were an island where the men had last names of only MacClelland, MacNamara, and MacIntyre, that within a finite amount of generations all men on that island would have the last name of just one of those three names. The other two names would no longer exist. This is an example of a gene (in this case a last name) passed down by the father instead of the mother.
    Why this happens, I don’t really understand. Perhaps if, by chance one of the names gains dominance, the more likely it will persist and will eventually overwhelm the other names.


  3. Steve,
    Thanks for your comment. You are quite right about the “gene” every woman has. It is in the mitochondrial DNA which is a small organelle with all cells, mDNA is passed from generation to generation only by woman. If you are interested in the biology let me know and I will send you a good reference or you can look up mDNA on Wikipedia, it has an excellent article.

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