God and the Universe

Emergence and Spiritual Transcendence

One of the things that I have tried to convey in my writings is that we are living a miracle. No where is this more evident than in the concept of emergence. Emergence or complexity as it is more popularly known explores how the whole becomes greater or different from the sum of its parts. It is how hydrogen and oxygen combine to produce the properties of water; and how consciousness emerges from the biochemistry of the brain. It is how sentience results from the workings of the mind. A great scientific paper was written on the subject by P. W. Anderson and can be found here.

In almost every case where emergence or complexity is manifest you find connections. Atoms connect to form molecules. Molecules connect and interact to give rise to life; and people connect to form complex social system; and mysteriously neurons in the brain connect to ultimately yield a self-reflective universe. The greatest connection of all is when the a human mind connects with the mind of God.

In recent weeks I have become convinced that spiritual transcendence is just another manifestation of emergence-the whole becoming greater than the sum of its parts. I believe that human beings are capable of this transcendence. We have sparse yet spectacular records of it occurring. There are Enoch and Elisha in Jewish scripture who were translated so that they did not see death. Jesus was resurrected along with countless others and there have been sporadic reports throughout history of people attaining transcendence. But, very, very few.

The other thing that I have emphasized in my writings is ONENESS with God. I believe that all the religious talk about sin and being saved and attaining heaven are but poor metaphors for the ultimate purpose and meaning of our lives, which is to live in oneness and harmony with God, connected to the Infinite Whole with the Mind of Christ. This so that we may become transcendent beings, emerging as something different and more than what we are at present. I do not know what exactly the something more or different may be, however we have a few clues. When asked by a group of Jewish leaders when questioned as to whose wife a woman would be after the resurrection Jesus famously replied that they are not married after the resurrection but are like the angels in heaven. Elisha reappeared to Jesus during the transfiguration apparently with the same body with which he departed but somehow more and different.

It is important to realize the truth that will set you free to become the transcendent being God entended. This truth and GOOD NEWS is that once you wake up and realize that you are separated from God, and change your mind(repent) and are consequently reborn of the Spirit; you will begin to grow as a spiritual being. That growth will culminate in transcendence and you will join the Father and Son in a kingdom not of this world and currently beyond our comprehension. And for that,

To God the Father be the glory Forever and Ever


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