God and the Universe

Christmas Isn’t About Jesus, It’s About You

Christmas isn’t about Jesus, its about you. Now that I have your attention, let me explain.

The birth of Jesus represents the spiritual rebirth of humankind and the dwelling of God within each one of you. The Good News proclaimed by the Angels and echoed by all of creation at the birth of Jesus was about you and your ability to be one with God and thereby connected to all of creation, by which I mean the entire universe.

All of the parables, the virgin birth, the sermon on the mount; all of the miracles and the ultimate sacrifice by Jesus in laying down his life, all of these things are about you. You are a child of God. You have the ability to perform miracles. You can heal the sick and raise the dead; you can love your enemies; and you can be reborn as a spiritual being united with the infinite whole.

If you listen to the songs of Christmas and feel the spirit of the holidays, what you hear and feel should lead to a realization of wonder. The awareness that you are living a miracle. Ultimately you are led to the great truth, that divinity is incarnate within you. You as an individual are the one and only reason Jesus was born. His birth is the incarnation or manifestation of the divine within you. No message should be more clear. It is the metaphor and myth come to life, which moved and lived among us all. The only thing that blinds you to this wondrous message is the misplaced desires of your heart.

Instead of John the Baptist, the cousin of Jesus and his messenger, proclaiming, repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand, he could have just as easily, and perhaps did proclaim, change the desires of your heart from earthly things to spiritual things, for Jesus is coming to demonstrate to you that the kingdom of heaven dwells within you.

When you realize that Christmas is about you, your personal spiritual regeneration, your own private journey in life, you will awaken to a deeper understanding of the eternal nature of life and Christmas will become a transcendent experience.

There is no one more important to Jesus the Son of Man and the Son of God, than you. You are what Christmas is about. Realize this and suddenly all things are new. As a new spiritual being, like Jesus, you will live a life of self-sacrifice so that others may know the joy of oneness with God. And for that,

To God Be The Glory Forever and ever,

Dr. D

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