God and the Universe

A Dark Matter Conjecture

Dark Matter is a hot topic these days. It’s even being conjectured that dark matter was to blame for the extinction of the dinosaurs as a result of its gravitational impact on the asteroid belt or path of comets. Anyway, since everyone is putting in their two cents worth about dark matter(notwithstanding the very serious experiments going on to detect proposed dark matter partilces) I thought I would chime in as well.
My conjecture is simple. Dark matter is an emgergent property of galaxies. In other words dark matter exists because galaxies exists. How might this be possible? Dark matter is found to be associated tightly with galaxies. Our indirect knowledge of of the existence of dark matter is a result of galaxies rotating at speeds inconsistent with the amount of matter we can see or account for in the galaxies. Colliding galaxies have shown the ghostly outline of dark matter. My conjecture basically asserts that galaxies interact with the many fields in space in such a way as to create particles of dark matter.
The basis for this conjecture is that particles of dark matter, if they exist, would have to be disturbances or excitation of a field(all partilces are disturbances within a field, like the newly discovered Higgs particle is an excitation or disturbance in the Higg’s field; or the photon is a disturbance in the electromagnetic field). A Galaxy is so massive and contains so much energy that it is possible that it interacts with a hertofore unknown field(s) and from this interaction there emerges this newly discovered phenomenon of dark matter.
Frenzied searches are underway for a dark matter particle with the leading candidate being a WIMP(a weakly interacting massive particle). However, even if such a particle were discovered as a result of the numerous experiments now underway both in space and miles underground on earth, such a discovery would beg the question of the origin of the particle and why such a particle is so strongly linked to galaxies. My conjecture seeks to answer that question. Galaxies create dark matter by interacting with what I will simply call, the Dark Field. Where does the Dark Filed come from? I will save the answer for a future conjecture about fields in general coming soon. Teaser: The Dark Field and galaxies are in love.

via The Andes Institute.

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