Dark Matter

The Dark Matter Conjecture continued




Dark Matter

We ended our last discussion of my Dark Matter Conjecture with the introduction of the concept of the Dark Field(s). It’s probably best that we digress a bit and explain what we mean by field so that everyone has a firm grasp or at least some grasp of what we are talking about. The field that most people are familiar with is the electromagnetic field, which was first described in detail mathematically by James Clerk Maxwell. Many of us did the magnet and iron filings experiment in grammar school where you place iron filings on a white sheet of paper and then place a magnet underneath the sheet of paper. The iron filings line up in such a way as to define or show the invisible field lines that carry the magnetic force that moves the iron filings. Everyday particles that most of us are familiar with are actually ripples(real tangible ripples) in fields. These may be easier to comprehend when you understand that in quantum mechanics a particle can be also defined as a wave or more accurately as quanta. Here is a metaphor that might help. Imagine a field of corn. The field is made up of all the corn(this is just a metaphor so don’t get too carried away). When the wind blows if you are looking from above you will see ripples in the field of corn, or waves(think amber waves of grain). These ripples or waves represent the particles. In special relativity, relativistic fields have no medium. They are fundamental elements of the universe. There are those that argue from a philosophical point of view that there is a medium, we just don’t know what it is. However, if you follow this reasoning mathematically you end up literally with nothing. More on that another time.

In a like manner fields cannot be “seen” as easily as the magnetic field. In order for the field to be seen the space we live in, which contains countless fields, the space must be hit with a tremendous amount of energy. That is what the proton proton collisions at the LHC in Switzerland provide-ENERGY. This energy causes the different fields to “vibrate” at different energy levels causing ripples, which are detected as particles. Though it is easy to focus on particles because they seem be real and tangible, it is actually the field that is important.(There is a chicken and egg dilemma that will give you a headache: are fields made of particles like our fields of corn are made up of corn, or are fields necessary for or prior to particles). However, in my conjecture I am putting forward the notion that fields are a property of space itself just as gravity is a property of space(more accurately the curvature of space). When energy of a specific magnitude is present in space, that energy can cause a field to be manifested. In other words, think of it as a bonding of energy and the field. Just as an opera diva can produce energy of a particular frequency to vibrate a glass, something like a galaxy can produce enough energy to cause the vibration(or rippling) of a field; and that brings us back to our dark matter conjecture and dark field(s).

Galaxies by their very nature with their billions of stars contain energy of unimaginable magnitudes. This energy is constantly bombarding the space in which the galaxies reside and in which fields reside. So from this galactic energy there may emerge the phenomenon of dark matter as the energy causes ripples in the field, hence particles of matter, which then, like as in a feedback look effect the properties of the galaxy. So where is the love. If one thinks of love as bonding, and bonding as the creation of and sharing of energy, then galaxies and dark fields are indeed in love. There is even a romantic dance they do as they wander throughout the universe.

In our next journey into this conjecture, I will get a little more serious about the physics and provide a mathematical basis for the conjecture. If you want to get a head start, you can go to, www.profmattstrassler.com and read his article on Particles and Fields with Math. You also migght read this article on WIMPS(weakly interacting massive particles), which is the leading candidate for dark matter. Finally, I mentioned that dark matter may be an emergent property, that is dark matter emerges from the way galaxies interact with spacetime, just as human intelligence is an emergent property resulting from how electrochemical signals interact with one another. So stay tuned, this journey will be fun.

via (1) The Andes Institute.

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