God and the Universe



RUMORED DIRECT DETECTION OF GRAVITY WAVES BY LIGO(Laser Interferometer Gravity-wave Observatory). At 1030AM at the National Science Foundation, journalist will be updated on the search for direct detection of gravity waves, which are predicted by Eisntein’s equations on gravity(general relativty theory). There are at least three major reasons that this is one of the most monumental achievements in science, ever. First, the technology created to detect gravity waves is on a par with or greater than that of the technology created to place men on the moon. Next, a whole new area of astronomy may be created: gravity wave astronomy, which will allow scientists to probe the intricacies of spacetime and perhaps make entirely new discoveries about the universe. Third, the predictive power of Einstein’s equations is unprecedented in science. The predictions about the exact nature of spacetime and the existence of gravity waves in itself is of great significance. In fact, the indirect detection of gravity waves from the study of pulsars was achieved as a result of these equations. You can read more about that on Prof. Matt Strasslers blog.

The deep question that results from the direct detection of gravity waves is, what is space?  Here is an article that talks about space as entanglement.  It gives some insights into the structure of space itself.  The direct detection of gravity waves and the tools it will give to astronomers may help us gain a better understanding of the structure of space, which will lead to a more refined and complete field theory and perhaps even to a theory that will ultimately unify quantum mechancis and general relativity theory.  Regardless of where this discovery leads, today is a great day in the advancement of human knowledge, which I hope will leald to wisdom and a deeper respect and care for the universe in which we live.

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