Complexity Theory


When I was about eight years old I became fascinated with light.  I simply wanted to know what it was.  Then, as I got older, a deeper question arose.  What is space?  Here is a summary of what I am learning about space from the MIT courses I’ve taken and many books, e.g. The Shape of Inner Space, Beyond The God Particle, Fashion Faith and Fantasy, Quantum Field Theory for  the Gifted Amateur(I don’t imagine myself as particularly gifted), just to name a very few.  Though I have include Einstein’s Field Equation in its simplest form, I don’t want to mislead anyone.  What I know about mathematics could on  the Plank scale fill a thimble and what I don’t know would fill the universe.  I have taught mayself enough Math, however, to know how beautiful mathematical expressions can be and how magical they are.  Especially after reading Edward Frenkel’s book, Love and Math(The Heart of Hidden Reality).

The principles outlined below are the musing of an amateur physicist attempting to understand what is often at the root of a deep sense of wonder.  That wonder can be inspired by a golden sunset, the discovery of a new sub-atomic particle, the feel of a raindrop upon your lips, or the birth of your first child.  It’s all life and I believe space is at the heart of it all.


Principles of Space

1. Space is not a thing; it is everything.
cor: Space is not a vessel or container

2. The fields-EM, gravitation, Higg’s, etc.-are not in space, they are space.
cor: Quantum Field Theory should be renamed, A Quantum Theory of Space

3. The LHC is a space telescope on a sub-atomic level.(or a microscope, whichever you prefer.) Proton proton collisions produce the energy necessary to excite the various fields that compose space allowing us to “see” space as a result of the excitations in the fields.

4. Space is timeless. It will always and forever be.(With extreme joy will I close my eyes for the last time knowing that space will always be there.)

5. Einstein’s field equations(EFE) should be renamed, Einstein’s Space Equations as they describe the nature of space, not fields within space.


The expression on the left represents the curvature of spacetime as determined by the metric; the expression on the right represents the matter/energy content of spacetime. The EFE can then be interpreted as a set of equations dictating how mass/energy determines the curvature of spacetime.

7. In the hierarchy of emergence or complexity, space is fundamental or at the apex of the hierarchy. All things emerge from space.

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