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Don Murphy

Donald Murphy (1950-) is a dedicated conservationist and past deputy director of the National Park Service(2001-2007). He served as the director of California State Parks form 1992 to 1999. He represented the United States on the World Heritage Committee(2001-2007), which inscribes natural and cultural sites of outstanding universal value onto the world heritage list. His first published book is a collection of sonnets, Love Vignettes. His first novel, published in 2011 is, Beth about a teenage girl's coming of age journey. His current book, a science fiction novel, EPOCH, is available at Amazon Kindle Books. This gripping tale tells the story of what happens a two time winner of the Nobel Prize in physics has his work hijacked by a secret government program whose purpose it is to use emergence theory to control spacetime with consequences that could lead to the annihilation of the universe. Donald also leads seminars in executive leadership at the Aspen Institute and writes a weekly blog on science and religion. You can follow him on twitter @finalequation.