Category: God and the Universe

Take A Hike

To this day I am not certain if she was faithfully fulfilling Rudyard Kipling’s unforgiving minute with sixty-seconds worth of distance run, or like Edna St. Vincent Milay, burning the candle at both ends.

Conservation International Misrepresents Mother Nature

It is a shame that CI chose to use their considerable resources to send a message of division, rather than a message that communicates that we are all part of nature and should behave in a manner that promotes unity and respect among all species.

Myth, Science and Transcendence

I believe both science and myths are tools that help us fashion what I have dubbed the coin of knowledge, which has two sides: intellectual and spiritual knowledge. Each informs and other; and life has no meaning without both. The secret is to resist the temptation to make the tools your objective, rather to use them to attain transcendence where words and theories fail and something unimaginable waits to be discovered.