Schedule of Monthly Seminars 2020



EM Radiation Part II – Health Risks

Electromagnetic Radiation

February 15, 2020, 3PM to 6PM at the Murphy Residence (Casa Amistad)

5G cell phone technology promises blinding speed making gaming and data transmission much faster.  But according to some it also comes with potential health risks.  We will begin at the beginning and explore how cell phones work and answer question such as what is the difference between non-ionizing and ionizing radiation.  How do carrier waves work?  Does 5G pose higher risks than already existing 4G and LTE; and how do you know what is true among all the claims about 5G?  Complicating things, the World Health Organization has classified all cell phone radiation as a potential carcinogen, but wine and cured meats are also classified as potential carcinogens.  What is one to think?  Join as we discuss these issues and sort through all of the various claims.



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  1. Thank you for the Còndor Foundation presentation. It was most informative and educational. Looking forward to more like this!

  2. I really enjoyed the presentation regarding the Andean Condor and have joined their Facebook page to learn more. I look forward to the presentation next month about volcanoes. I have been following the Volcano eruption in Hawaii and was first just interested in the evacuation and rescue of domestic animals but later became enthralled with the volcano itself.

  3. Was a very good presentation. Been pondering the the glacial loss now for the past days and the consciousness around the use of our most precious resource of water. Also clear on why the mining operations have not been challenged at the courts. Far reaching information in a new land of my home now. I love to see the condors and the special look at this very rare eagle. thanks so much!

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