Schedule of Monthly Seminars 2019


The Science of the Movie, Interstellar

Holes: Wormy and Black

March 21, 2019, 4 to 6PM at La Mirage Hotel and Spa

Making Sense of Science is back with its most exciting and informative seminar ever. We will explore the mysteries inherent in black holes; discover if worm holes really exists and if they can be used for intergalactic travel; and we will even see just how one equation, Einstein’s equation of general relativity, may lead to the answer.(I know you experts out there know the one equation is really hiding 10 separate equations, but how do they all come together to make such exact predictions). You won’t want to miss this year’s first seminar and follow the discussion as we show excerpts from the movie, Interstellar. So join us on Thursday, March 21 from 4 to 6 PM at La Mirage Garden Hotel and Spa.

Volcanos of Ecuador

November 29, 2018, 4 to 6PM at La Mirage Hotel and Spa

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce that Dr. Mario Ruiz, of the Instituto Geofísico of the Escuela Politécnica Nacional, has agreed to speak at our next seminar on the seismology and volcanos of Ecuador. Please RSVP through messenger or at if you plan to attend. Seating is limited. The seminar will be held on Thursday, November 29 from 4 to 6PM at La Mirage Garden Hotel and Resort. Admission is $5/person and children 12 and under are free. Ecuador has a number of active volcanos and there has been recent seismic activity near Cuicocha Lake and Cotacachi Volcano. Please join us as Dr. Ruiz explores the science behind volcanic activity and earthquakes.

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 11.28.57

Dr. Ruis is a full professor of Seismology and Geophysics and researcher at the Instituto Geofísico of the Escuela Politécnica Nacional.

In 2017 Invited Lecturer at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Currently President of the Latin America and Caribbean Commission of Seismology (LACSC), a regional commission of IASPEI
President of the Geophysics Commission of IPGH (Pan-American Institute of Geography and History)

PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
MSc, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Volcanology Training Course at JICA and Kyoto University

Former Director of the Instituto Geofísico of the Escuela Politécnica Nacional
Former Deputy Secretary of Secretaria de Gestion de Riesgos de Ecuador



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  1. Thank you for the Còndor Foundation presentation. It was most informative and educational. Looking forward to more like this!

  2. I really enjoyed the presentation regarding the Andean Condor and have joined their Facebook page to learn more. I look forward to the presentation next month about volcanoes. I have been following the Volcano eruption in Hawaii and was first just interested in the evacuation and rescue of domestic animals but later became enthralled with the volcano itself.

  3. Was a very good presentation. Been pondering the the glacial loss now for the past days and the consciousness around the use of our most precious resource of water. Also clear on why the mining operations have not been challenged at the courts. Far reaching information in a new land of my home now. I love to see the condors and the special look at this very rare eagle. thanks so much!

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